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Cold and Loud - the Alaskan Rock Anthology

Cold and Loud is a breakthrough for the music scene in Alaska. Originally conceived as a download-only album, Cold and Loud blossomed into a two CD set. There have been Alaskan Music collections before, but none have had this many current artists or this much attention paid to every detail. The Alaskan music scene is enjoying a new resurgence of original bands. Many of the best bands have never had a good recording of their songs. And some bands you may never have heard of - until now.

We put out the word in January that we were looking for original music for a new Alaskan rock collection and were inundated with responses. Every band who qualified for a slot (and practically everyone did) arrived at Surreal Studios for a no-holds-barred recording session in Alaska's premier Rock studio with veteran producer / engineer Kurt Riemann. Twenty-seven bands showed up with their best music. This was a performance-oriented recording and everyone dug right in. Recording was painless, fun and sounded great. And there was no need to buy tickets to Seattle or Nashville to do this. We did it entirely in Alaska.

"So who is on it?" you seem to be asking. We're glad you asked. There were so many bands it expanded onto two CDs - COLD and LOUD. COLD is the Alt / Pop showcase and LOUD is the metal showcase.

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1. Wake Up, O Sleeper - Sky is Fall
2. Getaway Man - The Sweeteners  
3. Strike Fear - Woodrow  
4. Castle - The Rocket Surgeons  
5. Monster - Pretty Birds That Kill  
6. Good Enough (for the Avenue) - T.I.A  
7. Shoot The Moon - Turquoise Boy  
8. Samurai Bikini / ROM - Bottle Caps for Dollars   
9. Heard It On The Radio - Cease Fire   
10. Get It - StuntCock   
11. FML (She Can't Hold On) - Robots Helping Clones   
12. Pick Me Up - 3 Kisses   
13. Young Cadet
z - PJ Franco and the Burnouts   
14. Legba (Lay Me Low) - Men With Guns   

15. The Hardest Truth - City In Ashes   
16. Blindsighted - Anchors Alive   
17. Abigail Williams - Wichita Shadows   
18. The Fall - A Wake Among the Forgotten   
19. Descent - Slave II Nothing   
20. Getting Out - Noise Brigade   
21. Forever We Rot - To The Depths   
22. Genie Dunktank - Bolt Action Beaver   
23 .Deranged - Waking Cerberus   
24. Norris - Kallahan   
25. The Price of Existence - Decepticide   
26. Roman - Sicarius   
27. Wasteland - Zombieskillingnazis   

Hey, we even have pictures of everybody.

Thanks for supporting us!

Here's the video we did to fund the project through Kickstarter -



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